Difference Between LAN, MAN, and WAN.

  • Difference Between LAN, MAN, and WAN.

A network is nothing but works like a communication line that connects devices like mobile phones, mobile devices, computers, etc. to transfer data communication. LAN, MAN, and WAN are them. But there is a difference between lan wan and man based on the scale and connection type.

1. LAN(Local Area Network)
It is also known as a premises network because that is not connected to the outside is called a LAN (Local Area Network).

The premises here refers to the same building, homes, business offices, is a network in a relatively narrow range that connects computers on the floor or inside the building.

It is a closed network in homes and corporate bases, such as connecting in-house PCs. The advantage of building a LAN is that you can share files and external devices such as printers.

Nowadays, LAN is sometimes referred to as a communication network that users can set up privately, including wireless, regardless of whether or not there is an external connection.

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2 MAN (metropolitan area network)

A metropolitan area network is a network that connects users of a geographic area or a large area larger than a local area network (LAN) but smaller than a Wide Area Network (WAN) with computer resources.

MAN (Metropolitan Area Network) provides centralized management of data. This enables you to connect multiple fast LANs simultaneously. Telephone companies around the world have facilitated the transfer of data with the help of underground optical fiber networks.

These optical fibers increase the efficiency and speed of data transfer. Optical fiber enables you to access higher transmission speed.

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3. WAN(Wide Area Network)
WAN network constructed over a wide area such as between cities is called a WAN (Wide Area Network). It is a network that interconnects remote LANs.

The major difference between WAN and LAN is that there is a part that uses a public line such as a cable TV and telephone line between them, which is also called a wide area communication network. The largest WAN is the "Internet" that spans the globe.

Nowadays, it is sometimes called WAN, which refers to a communication network provided by a data communication carrier or an Internet service provider (ISP) that can be used and shared by users.

The communication lines used in WAN include dedicated lines and switched lines. A form of connecting to a communication destination by renting a dedicated communication line from a telecommunications carrier is called a dedicated line. Dedicated lines are highly stable, but they cost money to rent.

The Internet is interconnected with networks around the world. It is a network interconnected by "ISP (Internet Service Provider)", which is a service provider that provides a connection destination to the Internet. Since it also connects LANs around the world, it can be said to be a type of WAN in a broad sense.

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Network components
The lan man wan network consists of "computers", "network devices", "transmission media", etc.

Computers provide and use applications (services) such as PCs and servers. Network devices are for transferring application data such as "switches" and "routers". A transmission medium is a cable or radio wave that connects a computer to a network device.